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All of Me Therapy, LLC All of Me Therapy Dr. Tolwin Website Dr. Terrence Tolwin Alore Designs Alore Designs, Inc.
First Baptist Church of Manteno First Baptist Church of Manteno File Wise Nail File Web Site File Wise Nail File Grand Horse Website Grand Horse
Sculptures in Soap Website Sculptures in Soap

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San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group San Francisco Psychotherapy
Research Group – Control Mastery
(Design only)
Wein-Bauer Distributing, Inc. Wein-Bauer Distribution, Inc.
(Design in conjunction with Marilena Maris)

Design Only, No Longer Active

Deborah Beaty, DDS Wyndstone Estates California Bee Works Pine Creek Music
Readings by Nancy Busy Mom Records Handbook of Personality Development Artistic Soaps
Currently under construction CPS Fab Vikki Wade Wein-Bauer Inc.
My Wedding Flowers Website Schlink Haus Wine Swing West Band Lisle Community Service Corporation
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