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Dawn's Web Design


The prices below are minimum charges, dependant upon site size and involvement. The prices below reflect a year of our services. Prices are subject to change without notice. Link checking will be done on each site on a monthly or as-needed basis, which is included in the price.

These prices are just an estimate, the final price may be lower or higher, depending on amount of work requested. And additional work requested, which was not originally agreed upon, will be subject to an additional charge.

Basic Design Five page content with basic design Base of $450, year of updates – additional $100
Intermediate More than five pages with photos or forms Base of $550, year of updates – additional $150
Advanced More than ten pages with advanced languages, i.e., ColdFusion and/or Javascript Base of $650, year of updates – additional $200
Shopping Carts/E-Bay Design I use several different resources for e-carts, we would work together to find the right one for your needs. Base of $300
Databases For product listing without using another service like Yahoo! An additional charge, price subject to amount of work needed.
Design Only For the clients who have coding knowledge and only need a great design. Base of $300
Updates Only For a site that is already in place and updates to the content are needed. $20 an hour
Logo Design Basic logo design Base of $150

I provide payment plans as well as discounted pricing for companies with a very tight budget.

Hosting Companies

Hosting Zoom Basic hosting with great prices

Design Worksheet

These forms are for filling in the information I need to design your site.

PDF Design Worksheet (11 KB)

Word Doc Design Worksheet (27 KB)